Monday, March 29, 2010

Abandoned House in Bruce County

This beautiful home lies on the outskirts of a small town, and is slated for demolition. Click on pics for larger versions.

Abandoned Apartment Building in Huron County

This was a surprise find. I was on a road trip and pulled into this small town off the highway to take a break. Some of the greatest finds occur by accident. I could have easily driven past this one. Click for larger versions.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Abandoned Halton Region house, circa 1850

I found this house by chance (as I do so many others) while on my way to deliver some framed prints to a gallery in Georgetown. The 6/6 windows on the second level suggest that this home was built in the mid 1800's. My sense is that it will be taken down soon, as development is creeping north from Oakville. Click for larger images.

New location, Abandoned Mississauga House

Thanks to my friend Emily D. for showing me this location (and holding the flashlight)! Shot in complete darkness with an external flash unit. Click on images for larger versions.

Monday, March 8, 2010

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An additional 58 images were added to the website image library.

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Markham Abandoned School House circa 1902

Located just north of the ever expanding Markham and Richmond Hill area sits this abandoned Section School No.7. It was accessible, yet well boarded up, minus an open basement door. An original picket fence section ran along the back of the property, and I could almost sense the ghosts of children playing on the grounds. School sections were created and financed through the tax base of neighbouring farms. The building appeared to be in good condition and a great candidate for preservation. It's future is not known.

Heritage Preserved Stone House in Brampton

This wonderful old stone home sits amongst new homes in a subdivision. Thankfully, it has been granted heritage status. 100 plus years can sure change the way we live.

Rock Hill Union Church circa 1898

I came across this beautiful stone church on one of my random explorations. It's not abandoned, and is well maintained. It appears that it is still used by the small rural community that surrounds it.

What remains of the Alloa House

Sad to see, but this is all that remains of the beautiful house that was located at Mississauga and Alloa roads. When I went to take these pics, a couple of guys were picking through the pile of bricks and tossing them into the back of a trailer. I returned a few hours later to take these after they had left.