Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spiritual Medium and another media profile

Today I'm meeting with Chris Stillar, a spiritual medium. Chris is a very authentic and well know medium, who was kind enough to provide me with the foreword in my Abandoned Ontario Book. As always, I expect to come away with some insightful messages and a greater awareness of where I am going in the days to come. We're also discussing and brainstorming on a new collaborative project. Check out his website

I'm also meeting with a writer today from Backroads of Simcoe and Grey magazine, and will be featured in their spring issue. Pretty exciting stuff. Not sure how I feel about putting myself out to 30,000 people, but I'm going with it regardless!

A little update, the writer turned out to be Sandy Poitras, a super nice person who made me feel very comfortable. Sounds like this should be a pretty cool magazine article.

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